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Best Bonsai Miami the source on the net for bonsai information and networking.  The direct translation of  Bonsai The art of growing a tree in a pot.  Bonsai utilizes different training techniques to achieve desired styles.  Typically bonsai trees are small compared to the tree it would represent in the wild, they usually rang from 6 -24 .  The art of Bonsai dates back 2000 yrs to the Ming dynasty.  Origins probably date back even further as the Japanese word Bonsai comes from the Chinese word P en Tsai which sounds similar to bonsai and has basically the same definition.  To restrict our interpretation of the word to a potted tree does not do it justice. This is an ancient art that dates back thousands of yeas.  One could study bonsai his whole life ad develop his style and art and it would be ever evolving and there would always be new facets to improve upon.  The real essence of Bonsai is found in the Japaneses word s for art,  there are three types of art in the Japanese language.  

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